Take the First Step on a Rewarding, Lifelong Journey!

The benefits to belonging to a charitable organization like the Lions Club are huge, both widespread and to the individual members. This is your opportunity to volunteer and serve your community. Lions get to have fun and make new friends, while being a part of something much bigger than ourselves. The experience is one that encourages leadership skills and a teamwork mentality. Each time we come together to make a difference, the local community and the whole world stands to gain. And if that’s not reason enough to catch your interest – the Phelps – Land O’Lakes Lions have the honorable duty of judging the local chili contest! Becoming a Lion is taking the first step on the most rewarding journey a person can take – a journey to change lives.

Lions Clubs Code of Ethics

  • To Show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by industrious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service.
  • To Seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my just due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self-respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part.
  • To Remember that in building up my business it is not necessary to tear down another’s; to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself.
  • Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my position or action towards others, to resolve such doubt against myself.
  • To Hold friendship as an end and not a means. To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service performed by one to another, but that true friendship demands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given.
  • Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give them my unswerving loyalty in word, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor and means.
  • To Aid others by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy.
  • To Be Careful with my criticism and liberal with my praise; to build up and not destroy.

If you find that your ethics and goals match that of the Lions Club, contact us to take that first step. Memberships begin with a proposal from a current Lion (Lions Club Membership Application). Should an invitation be extended and you choose to accept, we know you will enjoy this unique journey just as much as each one of our current members has.

Support Your Local Lions

One does not need to be a Lion to support the local Lions Club. Simply by attending a Lions fundraising event, donating a few hours of your time or contributing to a cause, you are helping Lions change the world. You are helping local families in need, students who thirst for a strong education, children that have been dreaming of summer camp, and people of all walks of life from all over the world to see, to grow and to thrive. To find more ways that you can join the journey, Contact the Phelps – Land O’Lakes Lions Club and we will help you forge your own path to community service.

Be Involved!