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Beyond serving our local communities, Lions Clubs everywhere recognize that we are all part of something larger, that the world as a whole is just one big community. We strive to improve the health and well-being of individuals throughout Wisconsin and around the globe through empowerment, awareness, encouragement, and service.

SightFirst – 30 Million People Served!

Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) recognizes the challenges that come with blindness or visual impairment. The SightFirst program works to give the gift of sight, and to further research and awareness. Learn more about this wide reaching campaign on Lions Club International.

Disaster Relief – $10 million of Worldwide Support

When disaster strikes, the consequences are both vast and wide. With immediate and long-term disaster relief programs worldwide, individual Lions Clubs can provide the needed support for disaster victims, no matter their location.

Lions Recycle for Sight – 153 Million People in Need!

When you receive a new pair of prescription glasses, simply by donating your old pair to the Lions Club, you can improve the sight of individuals around the world! This program connects donated eyeglasses, at only 8 cents per pair, to those who don’t have access to or can’t afford eye exams or prescription glasses. To donate your old eyewear, Contact the Lions Today! today or drop eyewear off at the Phelps Chamber office at 2429 Highway 17 in Phelps.

Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin – Improving Quality of Life through Sight!

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin facilitates transplantation and treatment for blind and visually impaired individuals. The program also enables research and education regarding sight impairing diseases with the goal of improving the quality of life with the Gift of Sight.

Leader Dogs for The Blind – Empowering Independence!

Through Leader Dogs for the Blind, International Lions Club members have been making a major impact for more than 75 years! This program facilitates:

  • the training of leader dogs, or guide dogs
  • connecting clients with well-suited leader dogs
  • safe traveling with Orientation and Mobility training
  • provision of life changing GPS technology

LionsCampWisconsin Lions Club Foundation Camp – Encouraging Adventure for All!

No child or adult should have to miss out on the joys of summer camp due to an impairment. The Lions Club Foundation Camp is open, free of cost, to visual or hearing impaired youth and adults, and youth that are conquering mild cognitive disabilities or diabetes. Located in Rosholt, Wisconsin, this fantastic facility brightens the lives of over 1,300 campers every year!

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